Accident victims are often left with serious injuries and a mountain of current and future medical bills through no fault of their own. Anderson Legal Group LLC fights for the rights of the victim, enabling our clients to focus on recovering from their injuries.

Anderson Legal Group LLC works to recover the compensation our clients rightfully deserve from the insurance companies of the individuals at fault for your accident and injury. While no amount of money will truly compensate an injured person from the harm caused by an accident, we help to restore balance in our client’s, an accident victim’s, life by working to remove the financial concerns that always accompany such tragedies.

We handle all types of traffic accidents, including:

  • Catastrophic injury accidents and Traumatic head injury;

  • Injuries involving a motor vehicle (tractor trailers, trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles);

  • Accidents involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle;

  • Motor vehicle – pedestrian collisions; and

  • Accidents caused by Speeding, Running red lights, Sudden lane changes, Illegal U-turns, and Failure to yield right-of-way.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck, traffic collision, vehicle crash, or other accident, call our office at today to schedule a consultation. The consultation is free so don’t delay.

If necessary, we may make arrangements to come to see you at your home or hospital room if have been seriously injured in a vehicle accident and are incapacitated and unable to travel.

When you’ve been injured and need help, we are here for you:

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